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The following programs are suitable for children aged 10 through adults and most can be tailored to the needs of your organization.  Each lasts for about an hour including a question and answer period.

1. Built from Stone: the Westerly Granite Story        

An illustrated introduction to the story of Westerly granite. Our most popular program.  Can be somewhat adjusted to your organization’s needs. 

2. Making the Connection

An illustrated presentation which shows the connection between the Babcock-Smith House Museum and the granite industry. Good for an overall introduction to both topics.

3. Welcome to the Babcock-Smith House Museum

An illustrated presentation which introduces the museum.  Good for viewing before touring.  May also be presented as a shorter program for children.

4. Video Walking Tour of Significant Granite Structures in Downtown Westerly

Approximately 20 minute video tour, packed with information designed to make the audience more observant and appreciative of what one normally walks by.

5. The Making of a Monument

Vintage photographs chronicle the stages in creating the Hall obelisk, which now stands tall in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.

6. Rock-Drilling

Restored circa 1920 movie made by the Bureau of Mines and filmed at the Sullivan Granite Company in Bradford.   Runs about ten minutes and can be viewed a multiple times with explanations and discussion. May also be accompanied with a display of tools.

7. Westerly Granite Far and Wide                

Photographs, both vintage and modern, feature monuments made for the rich and famous.  Emphasis is on the scope and quality of work produced by the Westerly granite industry.  

8. Westerly Granite at Gettysburg     

An illustrated presentation highlights the monuments from Westerly that commemorate this pivotal battle of the Civil War. Emphasis is on interpreting the stories that the monuments tell and gaining appreciation for the skill of the statue cutters in capturing emotions.

9. Westerly Granite at Antietam

Photographs highlight the life of a Civil War soldier as preserved by the monuments of Westerly granite at Antietam National Battlefield.

10. Westerly Granite at Chickamauga

An illustrated presentation tracing the transformation of the battlefield to a park featuring the monuments cut from Westerly granite.

11. Westerly Granite Buildings in New York City

An illustrated presentation of NYC of the early 1900’s focusing on the extent to which Westerly granite is visible in the skyline.

12. The Westerly Granite Story

DVD featuring Isaac Smith, Jr., one of the last active granite workers, explains the processes in quarrying and cutting granite monuments.  Question and answer period may follow.  Available for purchase.

13. The Joseph Coduri Granite Company—A Twentieth Century Company

An illustrated presentation of the history of the company and a look at the monuments produced in this Westerly cutting shed.

14. The Sullivan Granite Company

An illustrated presentation of the history of the Sullivan quarries, the process of quarrying and the monument produced from this granite.

15. The Gospel in Granite

An illustrated walk through River Bend Cemetery to consider the Christian witness expressed in the granite monuments.

16. The Post Office Mural Mystery

An illustrated presentation of the history of a mural destined for the Westerly Post Office during the 1930’s, but never delivered.

17. Notables at River Bend Cemetery

Prepared for the celebration of Westerly’s 350th anniversary, this illustrated programs shares the stories of some of the notable people buried in River Bend Cemetery.



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