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The Columbia Granite Works--Monuments


      General descriptions of the work done by Columbia Granite Works are available from trade publications, their advertisements, and business directories, but few details are known beyond those included in Built From Stone – The Westerly Granite Story (LS Chaffee, JB Coduri, EL Madison, 2011) or on the Babcock-Smith House Museum webpages


The Monti memorial in River Bend Cemetery has a beautiful angel carved by Joseph Gervasini, Sr. at the Old Hopkinton Road shed.  The original clay model for the statue was done by Mathia (Matthew) Portaluppi for The Columbia Granite Works.


A memorial in Bradford, RI for those men and women from Bradford who served their country in all wars was produced by the Columbia Granite Company (Built From Stone – The Westerly Granite Story, p 206). It was dedicated on May 24, 1953 with John L. Monti and Frank Sullivan among the invited guests.  Sullivan Granite Company provided the blue-white granite cut by Columbia Granite Company.  Americo Monti designed the memorial.

  The Washington Trust Company building on Broad Street in Westerly, has a first course of red granite from the Chapman Quarry that was set by the Columbia Granite Company.  The building was constructed starting in 1923 and dedicated on January 1, 1925.  (Built From Stone – The Westerly Granite Story, p194).
  The monument for General John Henry Patterson in the Albany Rural Cemetery was erected by the Empire Monument Co of Albany New York (Monumental News, v34 n1 p22).  They had it cut by Columbia Granite Company from Westerly granite.  It has “a finely executed carving of the Valor Emblem” presumably done by carvers at Columbia Granite.  General Patterson (10 Feb 1843 – 5 Oct 1920) was awarded the Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions on May 5, 1954 during the Wilderness Campaign, Virginia when he served as a First Lieutenant with the 11th Infantry Regiment.  His citation read “Under the heavy fire of the advancing enemy, picked up and carried several hundred yards to a place of safety a wounded officer of his regiment who was helpless and would otherwise have been burned in the forest.”.  While illustrated in Monument News with only his name on the monument, it now has his wife’s name carved below his.
  An elegantly carved tall tablet in Calvary Cemetery, Long Island City, NY was cut in blue-white Westerly Granite by the Columbia Granite Co. for E. H. Stone & Co of NY (Monumental News, v34 n1 p 24).  It’s dimensions were given as 6 x 3 x 10.5 high and it was reported as the “Canovan” memorial. 




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