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Lazzari and Barton-- Monuments



Lazzari & Barton erected three public statues and bid on at least one more,
In Washington Square Park, New York City, a bronze statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi stands on a granite base. It was dedicated in 1888 after being erected by Lazzari & Barton, working with Giovanni Turini, the sculptor.  The original design had three statues, two people on either side of Garibaldi, but due to cost over runs only the central figure was completed.  It was cast by Henri Bonnard Bronze Co in New York.  According to a story published on June 15, 1887 in the Herkimer Democrat, a new base was designed due to the change to a single figure and the contract was given to G. Lazzari to be made from Clark’s Island granite.  Other sources indicate it is blue Westerly granite, so the stone source is uncertain.

In 1889, Lazzari & Barton submitted an unsuccessful bid for the competition for the Rensselaer County Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
The civil war monument in Greenwich CT was dedicated on October 22, 1890.  WL Cottrell was the architect and E.F. Patti the sculptor for the granite statue of a flag bearer on a granite base with text on each of the four sides.  It is pictured in the 1894 sales book.  The name of the company is carved into the base. 
In Mount Vernon NY, Lazzari & Barton won the competition to erect a bronze soldier statue on a base constructed of granite from Barre, VT and other stone as reported in the local newspaper, The Chronical, on Sept 28, 1890.  The story contains the contract for the work, which specifies Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee MA as the foundry for the bronze statue. 
Lazzari & Barton were responsible for over 100 mausoleums and memorials at Woodlawn and other cemeteries.  They published a sales book, titled “Monuments, Mausoleums, and Memorials with Illustrations and Suggestions” in 1894 (Yale University Library), with copyrights for additional books listed in 1898 and 1902-4. A brief story in Monumental News in 1908 praises the quality of the book they issued that year; their advertisements included offers of these illustrated sales books.
Records for the designs of monuments at Woodlawn Cemetery have been transferred to the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University in New York City.  These records provide information on many mausoleums and memorials erected by Lazzari & Barton, with an index online.
Monuments identified as Westerly Granite  
Clementine – oval sarcophagus, Woodlawn Cemetery, Westerly Granite, erected for Mr. Wm H Rudkin. Their advertisement in the publication of Minutes of the One Hundred and Second Session of the New York Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1901) notes this is Westerly granite.  It was also illustrated in their 1894 sale book
Samuel W Andrews, Woodlawn Cemetery, 1899.  Writing to Monumental News in 1908 (vol 20, p 74), Lazzari & Barton indicated this was “fine swamp Westerly granite” and protested the use of their design for another monument illustrated earlier in the trade publication.
Dr. James B Reynolds Mausoleum, Woodlawn Cemetery.  The picture from Park and Cemetery, June 1910 (Vol 20 number 4) was titled “At the junction of two drives, Woodlawn, Cemetery, New York.” Accompanying text says “The mausoleum that emerges at the left belongs to the James B. Reynolds estate.  It was built of pink Westerly granite by Lazzari & Barton and cost $5,000.” Dr. Reynolds was assistant Surgeon of the 71st Regiment G.S.N.Y and participated in the first and second battles of Bull Run.


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