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Lazzari and Barton--Westerly Quarry

Not much is known about the quarry near the intersections of Westerly Bradford and Pound Roads, which is shown on the 1895 map of Westerly (New Topographical Atlas of Surveys Southern Rhode Island Comprising the Counties of Newport, Bristol, Kent and Washington, Everts & Richards (publisher), Philadelphia, 1895).  In their 1894 sales book – Monuments, Mausoleums, and Memorials with Illustration and Suggestions – Lazzari & Barton enthusiastically indicate:
We own large quarries at Westerly, R.I. producing the fine grained, light gray or white Westerly and the pink Westerly granite.  Westerly granite is celebrated all over the country as the only stone that fine carving and statuary work can properly be executed in.  An inspection of the finished stone and comparison with other materials, we think, will convince any one of its superiority for fine work. We have desirable arrangements with all the best quarries in the Eastern States to obtain any stone the purchaser may select.
A brief newspaper story on March 29, 1894 in The Chronicle (Mount Vernon, NY) says “Lazzari & Barton will erect a mammoth derrick in their quarry next week”.
Property records report about 5 acres were purchased for $1000 in October 1891 from Gorton P. Cottrell and A. Elizabeth Cottrell. Gorton and his father, George W., are shown on the 1895 map as having property just to the north of the Lazzari & Barton quarry.  Lazzari & Barton obtained a mortgage for $700 at 6% interest from the Cottrells (see picture of original handwritten page), which was paid off and released in June 1892 (perpendicular box on original page). It seems likely that their architect, W. Liance Cottrell, played a role in this acquisition as Gorton P. Cottrell was his cousin.  In addition to purchasing land for quarrying, an agreement was signed giving Lazzari & Barton the “…right & privilege of dumping dirt & refuse stone accumulated by the said parties …in the prosecution of the business of quarrying stone … on to certain swamp land … lying South easterly of said lot…” in return for $1. 
The assessed value of the quarry and taxes due on it are reported in the Westerly Tax Book from 1891 – 1956, though likely the quarry had ceased operating years earlier.  The land changed ownership after the company ceased to exist in 1955 and was recombined with property described in records as the Russell Cottrell farm except for the portion sold to Lazzari & Barton. 
The location of the quarry site is described in the mortgage as “…said A. Elizabeth Cottrell & Gorton P. Cottrell their heirs & assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land lying & being in said town of Westerly, bounded on the South by land of George W.  Cottrell & on the other three sides by land of these grantees, the Southwest corner of said lot begins at lands of said Geo. W. Cottrell extending along a post & rail fence as it now stands in an Easterly direction part way across said lot thence in a straight line to a stone wall, thence by & with said stone wall in a Northwesterly direction to the intersection of said rail fence, thence along said rail fence in a Westerly direction to the corner of said fence, then in a Northerly direction to within one hundred feet of the said stone wall thence in a Westerly direction in a line parallel with the stone wall to another stone wall bounding said lot on the West side, thence along said last mentioned stone wall in a Southerly direction to land of said George W. Cottrell, thence along the stone wall bounding land of said George W. Cottrell & the herein described lot to point of beginning.”  (The description in the deed is similar but some compass directions are reversed.). 
After the deed, a plan is shown of a “lot sold by A. Elizabeth Cottrell & Gorton P. Cottrell to Lazzari & Barton, made by James M. Collins. C.E. Westerly R.I.”  This plan indicates the lengths of the sides and notes stone walls.  Based upon this information and the current property records, the approximate location of the Lazzari & Barton is shown in red drawn on the Westerly GIS map.  There appear to be one or two quarry holes, now filled with water, when looking at aerial pictures of this area.


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