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History of the Sullivan Granite Company

John B. Sullivan, Monuments, was established in 1872 with its cutting shed at 129 and 131 Washington Street in Taunton. It worked in both marble and granite and contracted for both monuments and building work.
  In a bold step forward John B. Sullivan & Son purchased the Crumb Quarry in Bradford, RI. Frank A. Sullivan, junior partner in the Taunton operation, moved to Westerly to become general manager of the quarry.


Having quarries in Westerly was a strong selling point for the Taunton firm. Pictured in this ad is the Taunton, MA Soldiers' Monument


Civil War Monuments attributed to John B. Sullivan:


Franklin, MA

Raynham, MA

Taunton, MA


Taunton Gazette, June 28, 1919 records another move forward for the Sullivan operation in Bradford, RI when it purchased the Newall and Klondike quarries.


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