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Civic Monument


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Contractor: O.J. Hammell Company of Pleasantville NJ for the Joseph Newall & Company of Westerly
Material: Westerly granite with bronze panels
Contract Price:
Base 13 x 4 x 8 ft, cut in four pieces
Height: 14 ft
Ship Date:1908
Features: Tall monument
Location: Ye Greate St. and Market Ln. , Greenwich, NJ

This monument commemorates the Greenwich Tea Party, which occurred on December 22, 1774. There are 2 plaques at the monument (visible on the left side of the entrance in the above picture) with information about the Greenwich Tea Party, including:
"In the winter of 1774, the American colonies were struggling to define their future relationship with Great Britain. The British tax on tea had sparked the 1773 Boston Tea Party.  The harsh response, to close the port of Boston, lead the First Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia. Congress's non-importation, non-exportation agreement asked colonists not to buy or sell goods from the mother country as a way of putting economic pressure on England. Not far from this spot, on the dark night on December 22, 1774, someresidents of Cumberland County demonstrated their agreement with this recommendation by burning a cargo of British tea." [



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