The Westerly Granite in New York

Babcock-Smith House Museum
124 Granite Street
Westerly, RI  02891


Evergreen Cemetery Cemetery, Owego, NY

Platt, Senator Thomas C.

Brayley, Arthur. W. History of the Granite Industry of New England, page 165. Boston, Mass.:Published by the authority of the National Association of Granite Industries of the United States, 1913.

Contractor:Joseph Newal & Company
Material: Blue Westerly granite
Cost: $5000
Architectect: Ernest Flagg, NYC Architect
About the monumrnt: When Flagg came to Owego to inspect the stone he discovered an imperfection known as a "knot" in the granite about the size of a goose egg. It was in the piece known as the die and it was a lighter shade than the rest of the stone. It was the center of three
large pieces and weighed about nine tons. A new die was ordered from Joseph Newell & Co. of Westerly, RI from whom the monument had been obtained and was replaced.
About the man:A United States Congressman and Senator who
controlled the Republican Party during the 1870-1880s. His political influence was great enough that he was a primary factor in the successful candidacy of several U.S. presidents. He maintained his voting residence in Owego at the Ahwaga Hotel until his death.



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