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Loveland-Langworthy Angel

The Loveland-Langworthy angel was the last statue cut by master statue cutter, Angelo Zebarini. It was cut by Joseph Newall & Company on Oak Street. The model for the statue was owned by the Smith Granite Company and was first produced in 1889 for the Pomeroy statue in Utica, NY.

Each day Mrs. Loveland, who commissioned the ailing Angelo Zerbarini to carve this memorial, sent a cab to the statue cutter’s home to take him to and from the Joseph Newall sheds where he worked on this statue. “The Angel of Peace,” a beautiful tribute to its carver struggling to work with diminishing strength, faces the north entrance of River Bend Cemetery.

Angel and the cross are cut from one piece of granite.

The angel's delicate hand is extended and holds laurel leaves.


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