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Monuments and War Memorials

Often granite monuments are used to memorialize people or ideas that have a deep meaning for the citizens of a town. The feelings are of such import that the citizens wanted them “Carved in Stone.”


Statue of Columbus

Statue of Columbus

The statue of Columbus has been in Wilcox Park since 1949. It is made of Westerly Sullivan blue granite and was cut by Charles Gattoni at the Joseph Coduri Granite Company. Nick Verzillo cut the bas relief on the die and Andy Anderson cut the globe. This statue is a tribute to Christoforo Columbo, “the intrepid Italian Explorer who linked the old world of our fathers to the new world of our sons.” It reflects the profound influence of the Italian immigration on the town of Westerly.

Time Capsule

Time Capsule

As part of the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of the town of Westerly, a time capsule was buried in Wilcox Park in 1969. It is to be opened in 2019.

The time capsule was designed by Isaac Smith, Sr. and includes both the town and the state seal.

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War Memorials

Westerly has expressed its gratitude to the servicemen who defended this country in times of war with granite war memorials.

Spanish American War memorial The Spanish American War Memorial is located in Wilcox Park. It is a bronze statue on a granite boulder as a base. It was set by Andrew Low.
WW II memorial

The World War I Memorial at the corner of Grove Avenue and Granite Street is a formal monument that was dedicated on Armistice Day in 1937. It is made out of Sullivan blue granite and represents work by two of the granite companies in town.

The railings, buttresses, and the base of the railings were cut by the Coduri Granite Company. The balustrades, the round die, its round base and the points of the star in the platform of the central die were cut by the Smith Granite Company. Smith’s was the only company with a stone lathe for shaping the round pieces.

The names of those who served in World War I are on a bronze plaque on the central die. This memorial has been redesigned twice, once in the 1980’s to provide easier access to the park. Once again in 2002 it was modified to include bronze plaques on the buttresses with the names of those who served in World Was II, the Korean War and the Viet Nam War.

War Memorial

The Westerly Pawcatuck War Memorial stands next to the bridge on the Westerly side of the Pawcatuck River. It is made from Sullivan blue granite and was cut by Richard Comolli of the Bonner Monument Company. It was erected in tribute to those who served in World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Viet Nam War.

"In memory of all those who gave their lives

and in honor of those who served to preserve our freedom."

War Memorial

At the bridge on the Pawcatuck side of the river is the MIA-POW monument, dedicated in 1987. This monument expresses the appreciation for the agony suffered by those taken as Prisoners of War and the anguish of the families of those Missing-in-Action.




Pawcatuck Memorial
Pawcatuck Memorial

Also on the Pawcatuck side of the river is another monument erected in 1967.  This site is dedicated to the flag of the United States and in honor of those who by their unselfish patriotism have advanced the universal brotherhood of man.

Korean War

At the railroad station there is a monument that recognizes those who served during the Korean War.





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Neighborhood Memorials

Some neighborhoods in Westerly have their own identity and have pride in their roots in the community

Oak Street Memorial

On the corner of Oak Street and Tower Street the neighborhood honors those of their own who were killed in war. It also includes a dedication to people of Oak Street and a promise not to forget.

Oak Street Memorial

Northend memorialNorthend memorial In Columbus Circle in the North End of town, there is another monument, erected in 1997. This monument recognizes both the sacrifice of those who defended our country and the support of family and friends that made the memorial possible.
Bradford War memorial

The village of Bradford honors both those who gave their lives and those who served in the armed forces of our country.





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Honoring the Granite Industry

"Misquamicut" sculpture

The monument at the railroad station reflects on the natural ocean setting of Westerly. It is made of three boulders rounded as if by the sea —one of pink, one of blue and one of red westerly granite. On the rocks are three bronze salmon. The title of the sculpture is “Misquamicut.”

"Misquamicut" plaque


Granite Workers memorial

In Wilcox Park there is also a monument recognizing those who worked in the Westerly Granite Industry from 1846 to 1985. It was these workers who helped to shape the identity of the town of Westerly for over a hundred years.

This stone was originally a part of a cross that was never shipped. Years later, in 1985, Bonner Monument Company used it for this memorial to granite workers.

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